Hello world!

I generally eschew platitudes that fit on bumperstickers, or trite phrases with tread worn thin by overuse. I am also not a fan of blogging (Who has the time or interest to read it? If you blog, and nobody reads it, did you really blog at all?), but I am going to try out this tool and use the old saw, “Life is a journey” as my prompt.

I love to travel. I’m not sure when the bug first hit, though I have vivid memories of travel slides shared by my fifth grade teacher as she shared her adventures travelling the states we were learning about. I also remember a similar short course in my freshman year of high school, when my English teacher shared slides of world travels. And, of course, there was my aunt, who made the prospect that I might one day travel the world a realistic dream.

I am also very goal driven. Without a clear goal, I loose interest quickly, so my goal here will be to explore what it means to travel, share some of my experiences, and perhaps a resource or two along the way. This is an experiment, more than a committment at this point.

With those thoughts in mind…I’m setting sail…

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